Tiger Nuts Milk Recipe

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Tiger Nut Milk Recipe – from a guest writer Tiger Nuts are being touted as the next super food for the world, which has countless benefits to its user. With a rich variety of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium; and vitamins E & C in its composition, we believe that the claim is very […]

Tiger Nuts are Paleo Perfect!

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The chances are if you are reading this  you have heard of the caveman diet, also known as the Paleo Diet? It’s one of the most (if not the most) popular diet at the moment. According to Paleo People, the benefits of following the diet include weight loss, improved musculature, digestive health, stable blood sugar levels, and […]

Roughing it with Tiger Nuts

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One of the great things about Tiger Nuts is that this tuber is ridiculously high in roughage, and yet low in calories and fat. Fibre is very important for our health, and the fact is that our Tiger Nuts are probably the best weight loss snack you have never heard of! Why? Because eating a […]

Here’s a little shocker for you. ‘Gluten-free’ doesn’t always mean healthy!

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Not all gluten-free foods are the same for a number of reasons. Rice can be heavily contaminated with arsenic. Some contain high amounts of sugar, salt, and oil, and are laced with chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Most are not organic. Some are even genetically modified! Many are heavily processed, with very little nutrients left […]