jack-jimJack and Jim are the “NUTS” who founded Tiger Nuts USA. The truth is that neither of them had to do this, but it’s something that once they re-discovered these amazing products, they wanted to share them with health minded people. Tiger Nuts USA became a huge success story, thanks in no small part to the wealth of knowledge and experience they gained over the years. They have now asked us to bring Tiger Nuts to Europe, so here we are! Because these Tiger Nuts are NOT NUTS, they are Tubers, they taste great and are good for you too.

HERES HOW IT ALL BEGAN …. Jack and Jim were business partners in the 1970’s and formed a friendship that has endured over 40 years. More recently, they got talking about a product that they had both eaten as kids after World War 2, because sweets were rationed and they had a sweet taste, they were of course, Tiger Nuts.

Jack was thinking that he would like to see if he could buy some Tiger Nuts, just to find out if they tasted like he remembered them.  Well to his surprise, he couldn’t find them for sale in the US, but did find some in Canada, and ordered a pack.  They were a bit expensive, but when they did arrive, he was thrilled to find out that they tasted just like he thought they would.

Jim agreed that it would be unfair if Tiger Nuts were one of the world’s best kept secrets, and they decided to take them to America.  It all started with them wanting to create a message that was inspirational to people who are health minded and who want to help others become health minded too!

 That’s our objective at Tiger Nuts Europe too; give people the opportunity to easily incorporate the incredibly health giving vitamins, nutrients, fibre and appetite suppressing qualities of Tiger Nuts into theirs and their like-minded friends’ lives. And together let’s try and make a difference in the way people eat and think of their bodies, so that we can all become, and remain healthier.

So the question is “Are you ready to go nuts about Tiger Nuts too” ?

We really hope you are and that in becoming part of our “Tiger Nut” family, you will also take ownership of our mission to turn the world into a healthier place!


Tom and Gill – Chief Nuts @ TigerNuts Europe


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