What are Tiger Nuts?

Well a Tiger Nut is NOT actually a nut, it’s a small root vegetable, grown in a field and harvested in pretty much the same way as a potato. It’s a super little tuber, packed with super healthy qualities.

They have a chewy texture and a sweet, nutty flavour reminiscent of coconut. The refreshing taste is so much more than just a great tasting snack. With every amazing bite, you're eating a nutritional powerhouse - a real Superfood.

Too Good To Be True?

Usually when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. But in the case of Tiger Nuts, you will not believe how fantastic they are for you and your health -

Tiger Nuts are 100% Gluten Free, 100% Organic, 100% NUT FREE, 100% Allergen Free, 100% Dairy Free, Low in Calories & Fats, High in Nutrition, Non GMO and Paleo Perfect

And the bonus - because they have so much fibre, they make you feel full, which of course helps curb your appetite.

Named by Good Housekeeping as one of the 7 Top Health Food... the only thing they’re choc full of, is natural goodness, and you can buy them right here in our on line store.


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